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Are Extroverts More Successful Than Introverts?

In this episode of the Communication Couch we explore whether extroverts are more successful in their professional life than introverts.

Extroverts do get jobs, promotions, clients statistically more often, but there might be more to the question of who is more successful and happier than just that. Introverts also have certain strengths that can put them over the top and make them quite successful. Watch the video to find out more. We also talk about ambiverts - people who are somewhere between being completely extroverted and introverted. We delve into what you can do to make sure you utilize your personality type in the best way possible and find success and happiness in your professional, but also personal life. The Communication Couch is a funny YouTube show that comes out every Thursday. In it I talk about topics broadly related to communication skills in your professional life. Check out Tips & Tricks for Introverts as well (every Tuesday) where I give advice on how to develop your social and soft skills, even if you're a complete introvert.


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